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One of the most searched thing about Facebook on Google is how to hack Facebook and that is something many want to do for their different reasons. And therefore, today i am writing this guide to let you know how to you use z shadow to hack facebook and other accounts.

Facebook being the biggest social media service, would never compromise on security and that is why if you want to hack it, you will need to do a lot of learning and research. Also, becoming a professional hacker or an information technology expert is going to take a very long while.

Now people can’t wait or struggle too hard just to get into someone’s Facebook account. However, there are other ways which you probably didn’t know that can be used to hack Facebook and this is something, a big milestone, which we are going to achieve in this article.

First, let me break the suspense for you and tell you how we are going to do this? Well, the service or app we are going to use is Z Shadow and for the app version, you will be provided with a Z Shadow apk file which will enable you to download the install the app on your android smartphone and then you will be able to do the process even from your android smartphone.

Something very important which you need to know is that in this article, we are going to tell you about both the website and app method of hacking the Facebook account with the help of Z shadow so make sure that you everything of interest. Both of these methods are very simple and you can use any of them to hack the Facebook account which you want to. Now will start with our guide and don’t worry because I am going to mention everything which you will need to hack a Facebook account with the help of this app named Z Shadow.

hack facebook with z shadow

Accounts That Can Be Hacked Using z-shadow Hacker:

Here is the list of accounts that you can easily hack using z-shadow hacker for free:

  • Facebook Account
  • Google account
  • Gmail account
  • Yahoo account
  • YouTube account
  • Paltalk account
  • Netlog account
  • Gamezer account
  • Minecraft account
  • Tuenti account
  • Zynga account
  • Jawaker account
  • IMVU account
  • Darkorbit account
  • League of legends account
  • Krosmaster account
  • Dofus account
  • Dofus forum account
  • Instagram account
  • Hotmail account
  • Twitter account
  • Ask account
  • Steam account
  • Origin account
  • Goultarminator account
  • Metinv2 account
  • Z8games account
  • Habbo account
  • Xat account
  • Conquer account
  • Skype account
  • Paypal account(It’s Premium)
  • Rappelz account
  • account
  • Line account

Z Shadow Logins/Passwords (100% Working):

If there is bug in site and you are not able to create an account there, then you don’t need to worry. As we have created a lot of accounts for you and you can easily use them to hack anyone’s account.

So, if you want ready made accounts then check out our list below.

Warning: Don’t try this on your main account as these are public accounts and many people may see your password  in the victim section.

z shadow passwords

1. Hacking Facebook with Z Shadow using the website method:

The first method to hack a Facebook account with the help of z-shadow is the website method.

This is not something very complex as most people would think and all the work you do in this method does not require a phone or any other thing. All it requires from you is to have a device on which you can access the internet.

Also, some trickery would be needed in order to trap the victim (tips given below) because most people know about such methods and when you ask them to do anything of these things such as the ones involved in this process, they doubt you and it becomes harder for you to hack the Facebook account of the person you want.

Now once we start with the method, make sure that your internet connection does not get disconnected while you are doing it and also, you will need to follow every step as it is involved in the process.

I am telling you all these things before doing the process because these things such as hacking could be a risky business and you need to know everything before doing this. Let us now move with the process of hacking Facebook with Z Shadow using the website method.

  1. The first step in this process will be to open to go the website of the service. For this, you will need to go on Google or simple open the official website of z shadow and enter it.
  2. Once you are on the website of the app, you will need to create the account in order to do any work on the process. To create an account on z shadow, click the sign up button and proceed.
    zshadow signup button
  3. Now you will see a registration form for the sign up process. You will fill this form just like you do on any other website for creating an account and then you will sign up.
    z shadow signup form
  4. Once the process of filling the form and other things are done, go to your email which you have entered there and do the confirmation of your account by clicking the confirmation link in the email sent by the website.
  5. Now you have confirmed your account and since it is created, you can now login and you are good to do the hacking process.
    zshadow login
  6. This step is the most crucial step since here you decide whether which method you should choose to trick your victim. You could choose the service of providing the Facebook followers or any such offer from all the offers that are being provided by the app and once you have chosen the offer, create the link.
    z shadow generate link
  7. After creating the link, the next step comes which is sending this link to the victim and that you will do it by sending it through the Facebook chat. Copy the link and send it to the victim in his chat.
  8. You can also the victim by telling him anything like you have found a way to increase your Facebook followers and he/she will need to click the link in order to do it.
  9. Once the target has clicked the link, they will see a new page which will ask them to enter their Facebook email and password. If they do this then your job will be done and you will be able to get the email and password of your target.
  10. Now ask the target if he has entered his or her email id and password in the link and if they say yes, then move on to your next job which is to get and see that hacked password.
  11. There is a tab with the name of ‘my victims’ which you can see in your z shadow profile. This is the place where you will be able to see all the hacked password.
  12. If you are done with all the steps involved in the process, simply open this victim tab and you will know the password of your target within a matter of seconds and then you can use it for anything you ever wanted to do.

And this is it, you have successfully hacked the Facebook of the person. This is the most accurate and easiest method to hack an account and you will definitely love it.

Hack Facebook With z-shadow Video:

Although i have written the exact step by step guide via which you can easily hack someone fb account. But still if you are facing any difficulty doing that than don’t worry. I have created this video tutorial that would help you hack anyone’s facebook account in minutes:

Hacking Facebook Online Using Z Shadow app:

The second method of hacking a Facebook account with the help of Z Shadow is using the app which is available for absolutely free. But since hacking is not legal and that is why nothing related to it can be considered as well. This makes it difficult to get the app from the sources such as play stores and you will need to use the alternate methods in order to do it. The easiest method and the only alternate of getting this app is by download the free Z Shadow APK from here and then you can install this app to do the hacking process of Facebook right from your android smartphone. I will not waste your time by writing that whole process again since both the methods are same and the only difference is that one of them which is website method can be done by using the website of Z Shadow and the second method will be done from the app of the service. You are also getting the app for free so download it, install it, and start enjoying the hacking process with your phone.

2. Hacking Google Account Using z-shadow:

As i have already mentioned in the start, that not only facebook but you can also hack other accounts as well with z shadow. And the other accounts that can be hacked using zshadow hacker are list above.

Now if you don’t know how to hack google account or gmail account with z-shadow then the steps are mentioned below.

All the steps are same as the steps of hacking fb with z-shadow but for your ease, i will repeat them here:

  • Fist of all you need to log in to your z shadow account.
  • After that, you would have to locate gmail or google in right side sites list.
  • Then click english or any other language.
  • A link will open.
  • Copy that link.
  • Now send this link to the person whose account you want hack means your victim. Some tips to send phishing link to your victim are given below you can get idea from there.
  • After the person clicks the link and enter his/her username and password, they would get saved in z shadow. Now you would be able to access that password via victims page on z-shadow.

Download Z Shadow App APK Here.

Hack Yahoo Account Using Z Shadow:

Wanna hack yahoo account of someone but don’t know what to do?

Yes, then don’t worry zshadow will take care of it. You just have to use it the same way we use it for hacking facebook etc.

Follow all the steps mentioned above in video but get link for yahoo instead of fb and you are good to go.

Z Shadow Instagram:

If you are looking to hack instagram via zshadow than let me tell you that yes, it is very much possible. You can follow the same steps as of facebook and shown in video and you would be able to easily hack instagram via  z-shadow.

Some Tips For Sending Z shadow links to Victoms:

If you don’t have ideas on how to send this zshadow generated phishing link to the person whom account you wanna hack then i have a few idea below. That will help you to easily hack someones facebook account in few minutes. So lets get to the tips. Select the one that you like or which your victim uses the most.

  • First of all the most common method that most of the hackers use is to send the link via fb. Because the victim can easily be deceived.
  • If the facebook is not allowing you to share the link then use link shortner.
  • If still you are not unable to share the link then i have another idea as well. Create a free blogger blog and share the link there and then send blogger blog url to your victim.
  • You can also send the phishing url via email directly if you know that your victim uses email regularly.

Installation of Z Shadow App and Review:

Reviewing the Z Shadow was not one of the necessary things but since I promised to cover everything about the service, I have also decided to review the app for you. Now since the app is not legal to use and also, it is not available on the website as well, you will not see many reviews on the internet about this app but today we are going to try that. Being an app which is simply used to do a simple process and all you need to do is to repeat what you can do on the website as well, the app did not need to be very big and it is not. It is simple and small sized which is also very light can be installed and use on any android operating system you can name. All you will need to is to get the free Z Shadow APK from our website and install it on your android smartphone device to begin the fun.

Z Shadow is no wonder one of the best utilities for hacking a Facebook account. Even though it is very simple and it is not easy for you to trick people into, you can do the job by using a little brain and the rest will be taken care off by the app. The process for hacking on the app will be the same which you are going to do on the website. This app does not contain any bugs and you can simply run the app by installing it and it will run smoothly as well. There are so many so called good utilities which claim to provide you the best service but the people are not fool and they go for a thing which actually works. The app is also necessary in case of the website version is not working and if the app is causing problems, you can do the first method in this guide. Both the methods used in the app are trusted and we have personally tried them in order to make sure and they work.

Another advantage of getting Z Shadow app is that since it on your phone and you can take it anywhere in the world and you can hack Facebook profiles at anytime. You don’t need to be an information technology expert in order to hack the account with the help of codes and servers and all the things are right in your hand. Just use the simple trick which is mentioned in the guide and you will be done within no time. Another thing which you will need is how to install and make this app work and this is the last thing which we are going to do now in this guide. So, let us now begin with the installation procedure of the app.

  • Click the link given in the guide to download the free Z Shadow apk and wait for it until it gets downloaded on your phone. Move it to your phone if you have downloaded it on a pc if it is already on your phone then you are good to do.
  • Now go to the settings of your phone and here you will need to enter the security settings in order to enable the ‘unknown source’ option.
  • Now go to the folder where you have downloaded the apk file, open it, and this will start the installation of this app on your android device.

Once the app is installed you are good to go with the process of hacking Facebook online with Z Shadow. Now while we are moving towards the end of this article, you need to remove one confusion and that is about the place where all the hacked passwords get saved. There is a tab named ‘My Victims’ in your account and you can see it easily in the website and also in the tab. This is where all of your passwords get saved and you don’t need to worry about the space since it can store as many as passwords you want.

Z Shadow Alternatives:

Sometimes z shadow dont work due to some internal bugs in their site. Therefore most of the time the users would try to look for z shadow similar sites.

Unfortunately, there are very few such sites and those too are the copies of z shadow.

Which means that these sites seems to be managed by the same owner but he changed only the site name. And in most of the cases, if zshadow dont work, they wont work too.

But still you can try them because sometime if there is a bug in zshadow it is possible the the sister sites would be working fine.

For this purpose, we would be writing a detailed guide on its alternatives and how to hack fb etc via these sites but here i would just name them for your ease.

So, they are shadowave and anomor. You can search for them in google or read our complete guides on how to use these site. There is step by step guide along with screenshots that could help you.

Is zshadow Safe?

If you are thinking is it safe to use, then you should check my view on this.

As we have already explained above how it works, basically it is a phishing tool and it wouldn’t cause any harm to you. But still i would advise you not to test this on your main facebook account.

The reason is that your password will go to zshadow victims list and they may have access to it. They may sale the logins further. Therefore it is advised to use z shadow to hack other peoples accounts only or if you wanna try it that whether it is working or not then you should try it on your secondary facebook account.

Final Words:

So, this was a complete guide in which I tried my best to teach you the process of hacking with the help of Z Shadow. I did it by telling the two methods being used in the process which are the website method and doing it with the help of the app. Then we reviewed the app and also provided you the Z Shadow apk file which you can use to install the app on your android device. I really hope that you liked this article and if there is anything you need to ask, you can contact us. Don’t forget to leave us your feedback about the guide and keep visiting this website for more Facebook hacking stuff and more.

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