How to Use Z Shadow?

Whenever you introduce people to Z Shadow and tell them what it can do, the first question they ask is the one mentioned in the title. Well, for those people who came here for the first time and they don’t know about Z Shadow, we are going to start with the introduction to this amazing online hacking utility and then we will move on to teach you how to use Z Shadow. Starting with the introduction you should that Z Shadow is an online utility which empowers people to hack Facebook accounts, Gmail, and yahoo accounts. Even though hacking is not a legal procedure but in the boundaries of ethical hacking, you can use this amazing utility to get your benefits. Well, since the main objective of this article is to teach you its use and since we are done with the introduction as well, let us move straight to this step-by-step which will teach you how to use Z Shadow.


Easiest Step-by-Step Guide to Use Z Shadow:

Notes and Prerequisites:

Before we move on to teach you this method, keep in mind that there are two ways with which you can do this process. The first is doing it with the online website utility which I am going to use now and the second way is doing through the Z Shadow app which we shall use in another guide. Also, make sure that you don’t lose your internet connection during the process otherwise, you will have to do all this again. Another prerequisites would be an online mail account such as Gmail or Yahoo so that you can register and verify your Z Shadow account which we are going to create for the hacking purposes. Now since we are done with the notes and prerequisites, let us move straight to the guide.

  • Go to your favorite search engine Google and type Z Shadow.
  • You will immediately get the search results for the Z Shadow official website.
  • Now open this website and look for that small button saying ‘Sign up’ and once found, click on it.
  • Now go through that conventional process of creating an account which you would do for any other website.
  • Once you are done with this registration form, proceed and then it will ask for the verification.
  • Sign in to your mail account which you entered in the sign up form to confirm your Z Shadow account.
  • Once you are done with the verification of your account, proceed to the website.
  • Now once you are signed in to your account, you will get a fake link for which you can choose a description such as ‘get free games here or get free Facebook followers’ and use this as a bait to send it to the person you want to target.
  • When the person will click the link and enter his/her email and password, their account will be hacked.
  • Now you will want to see that as well, won’t you? For that, sign in back to your Z Shadow account.
  • Now in your account there will be a tab saying ‘My Victims’ and this is where you can see the hacked email and password.

So, this was the complete guide to teach you how to use Z Shadow. I don’t think you should have a problem using it. Keep visiting our website for more free stuff about Z Shadow.


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